The active membership of Gamma Sigma, The Georgian Society, consists of individuals of different genders, majors, sexual orientation, races, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds, spiritual and religious beliefs (and non-beliefs), interests, talents, political views and socio-economic classes. We take great pride in our diversity and what we all have in common: that we are all brothers and sisters; that we are all Gammas.

Together, we give back to both Rutgers and the greater New Brunswick community through philanthropy initiatives such as The Polar Bear Plunge and the Rutgers Dance Marathon.  We’ve also raised funds for causes from breast cancer research to helping the most vulnerable members of our community.  Being a Brother or Sister of Gamma Sigma enriches the lives of its members. It has taught, and continues to teach, us about community, respect, responsibility and much more.

But perhaps the most remarkable rewards for being a Gamma are our close and lasting relationships.