Here at Gamma Sigma we are one big happy family. Our organization hosts a bunch of student social events so that peer students can come to meet our members and learn more about the organization. We are also involved in numerous community events so that we can make an impact locally.


Social, February 12th
Social, February 19th, details to be announced 
Social, February 25th, details to be announced
OPEN SOCIAL, March 12th
*Spring Break*, March 14th – 22nd
Gamma Pong Social, March 26th
Family Alumni Day, March 28th
OPEN SOCIAL, April 2nd
FORMAL, April 4th
RUDM, April 11th – 12th
Nuke Waste, April 16th – 18th

*** schedule is subject to be changed if necessary, and will be announced on the Georgian Society Facebook Group, bi-weekly newsletter and on the news page of the website ***