Gamma Sigma Announcements From Andrew Alvarado

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Andrew Alvarado

Hello Georgians!! My name is Andrew Alvarado (F’13) and I’m the Historian for the Fall ’14- Spring ’15 school year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My email is listed below.

General Updates

The Satellite house is located at 28 Dix Street! We will still be hosting the social gatherings in our basement until Gamma is complete with phase II of construction. Please come visit the residents Ryan Filtz, Tom List, Christina Polizzi, Arrianna Diamantis, James Carroll, and myself :)

GMM’s are at 9:30pm every Tuesday at Gamma.
EC Meetings are at 8:30pm every Sunday at Gamma.
Pledge Meetings are at 10:30 pm every Monday at Gamma.

WE ARE BACK IN THE HOUSE! First time in 6 years! Thanks to everyone who contributed and allowed the actives to reach this feat, the actives could have not done it without you all!

***Although we have the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, this does not mean that the battle is over. We still have a couple of weeks before inspectors come back to the house and check if we completed the last few things to get the CO***

Pledges and their Bigs:

Mara Friedman – (Sheanine Samson F’13)
Amr Saleh – (Matt Kumor S’13)
Niji Hernandez-Rives – (Mat Sarrico S’14)
Alex Mossawir – (Jeremy Deane S’12)
Lucy Calle – (Christina Polizzi F’12)

I am completely honored to be hosting the first Family Alumni Day back at 19 Union. It will begin at 11:00 am with food to be served by 12 noon the earliest this Saturday. However, here are some details that you may want to know:

1) There will be two pictures taken one at 1:30 pm before the BoT meeting begins at 2 pm and another after the BoT meeting to accommodate those who will be arriving a little after the meeting is already in session, but still want to be a part of the picture.

2) Please, please, please if you can bring a dish of your choice to share with the members old and new. There will be lots of food already, but the more the merrier. More food = less hungry members and alumni. (There are several people who are vegan/ vegetarian so if you are one of those who cook or specialize in this area please bring a dish that these members could eat as well, we do not want to leave them hungry haha)
*If anyone wants to buy a case or two of water that would be a greatly appreciated**

3) Refreshments are being donated by Kevin Bryce, and Neal Tornopsky (thanks guys), but of course do not be afraid to bring your own beverages to share with everyone!

4) Parking details: I will encourage actives to walk from their homes off campus and dorms to Gamma instead of parking in the back lot, however, if there is no room it is encourage to find a parking spot in the near by streets of Mine Street, Hamilton, Central Ave, and maybe even Easton (that’s a bit harder to find parking on). There may be a parking deck available, near George street, however, I am not sure how much they charge for parking. Although some of you may want to park in the Rutgers lots near the house, I discourage it because this may lead to RUPD giving you a ticket, which I want to avoid you getting. Also if anyone has a family member or they themselves have a disability that requires minimal walking let me know and I will see what I can do to accommodate you.

5) If anyone possibly has any tables that you can bring to fam alum please let me know. We need tables to put food on, and then for the pong/poker tournaments taking place.

6)There will be name tags (donation courtesy of alumni) as soon as you enter the house, so no worries if you do not see familiar faces, we shall all get to know each other by the end of the night.


8) Please bring all good vibes. I am extremely excited, to be having this fam alum in the house. Let’s create some memorable moments.

***Jenn Levine, Alison Velea, Jessi Costanzo, and myself are a part of a google doc which contain a list of things alumni said they would donate…if you have any of these items and would like to donate however, cannot fit in your car, Gamma is going to rent a uHaul and drive around the state and pick the items up! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME ABOUT THIS! More details will come later:***

Stuff Someone Will Be Delivering (and When)

1. Alison Velea – toaster oven, a standing
lamp, (possibly if it works) a microwave, coffee table (needs to be
restained), a small set of corner shelves and a matching wall cabinet
(for bathroom)

2. Heather Hope – 2 boxes of dishes/plates and
glasses (Friday), rice cooker

3. Sumit Mehta – Roku (to be shipped from his
parents house)

4. Golda Speyer – White board with markers
(this week sometime)

5. Jonathan Carrasco – Corkboard (Saturday)

Stuff Someone Has That Needs to Be Picked Up (from Where/When):

Jenn Levine – Countertop Broiler (maybe, East Brunswick), Books and Freestanding Clothing Racks (to start the library up, hang clothes) both in New York, NY

Jessica Frankiewicz – an entertainment stand and a matching coffee table.

Gianna Zembryski – a bedroom TV (possibly available in June)

Malila Robinson – a TV (can be picked up in FL if anyone is driving from there)

Juliana Pace – an older box TV (for a bedroom) and a full-size pong table for the Basement (in Point Pleasant)

Erick Solis – a 32″ TV ( in West New York)

Amanda Patterson-Dwyer – a coffee maker and maybe some other kitchen stuff

Elizabeth mansfield – some dishes and other kitchen stuff too

Kim Best – a set of kitchen knives and other kitchen items

Gina Lipman – a full-size platform bed in pretty good condition with drawers under the bed

Kevin Bryce – two CRT televisions (one large, one small) and 8 three-shelf bookcases from Clifton, NJ

Meghan McDowell – Regular toaster (Highland Park, NJ)

Farah Skow – Wii (original) with Rock Band game

Liz Lopez-Velez – old wooden picnic table with two benches (from Dunellen)

Stuff The House Needs (from FB, Emails, and Suggestions from Alumni):

toaster oven (because the real wall oven is not installed)
Bathroom blinds (or) curtains
Tables (coffee tables, side tables)
bed frames
bunk beds
washing machine for laundry room
dryer for laundry room
one more couch
an end table for the living room
some lamps
Dining Room table & chairs
plaques & frames for trophy room walls
a phone with a louder ring and a longer cord/cordless (so pledges will hear it)
baking pans to cook stuff for fundraisers
filing cabinets for Office & Academics Closet
Epoxy to seal bar back in one piece
Long shelves to replace mantles in Foyer, Trophy Room
Wire Shelving/Drying Racks for Pantry/Dish Storage
China cabinet, preferably a corner one, to use as a trophy case
items to build a tapbox: hoses, cooler, cold plate, taps, etc
Silverware dividers
Wall clock
Something to sort mail for people living in house, the out of house members, BoT, and random alumni mail – probably 16 small slots (in house, 1 per) and 3 large slots (out of house, BoT, alumni)

Stuff People Have Said They Would Buy (and When):

Beth Wichowski – Supplies to make curtains (blackout kind) for LR

Scott Pressman – ALL cables and connecting cords for house, including HDMI, Ethernet, etc (may also be able to get better phone for phonebooth)

Stuff That Has Already Been Donated (in years past) and Needs to Be Located/Brought To House

Jenn Levine – Wooden Bedroom Furniture (one dresser, two endtables – all very heavy), last seen with Ryan Filtz

As per the rest of the Gamma Spring semester schedule:

Please sign up for our newsletter and check Facebook for up to date schedules and additional announcements.  I hope to see all of you on Saturday!

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